Deadly Sins Complete: A Dezeray Jackson Mini-Series

Miller gives readers background information while blazing a trail ahead with the story of a character that you will both want to know more about and that you will, in some ways, identify with.

Max E. Stone, author of The Bleeding

What People Are Saying:

  • Ryan Attard

    Author of The Legacy Series

    I loved the character so much that I wanted to read more and more. There is something special about the "reality" of the character and the way she was brought to life that makes me feel as if I may just run into her at the pub or out on the street. She has that x-factor that makes a central character magnetic.

  • Mrs. Craig Johnson

    Amazon Reviewer

    I loved the final story! I see the lead for a later story and I like to speculate about where its going. That is actually part of the enjoyment and the challenge. After getting past "lazy reader" syndrome and appreciating the authors ability to include the readers imagination in working for the conclusion I was sold. Can't wait for the next one! - from Deadly Sins I review

  • Odelia

    Goodreads Reviewer

    I wished this wasn't flash fiction because I am genuinely curious about Dez and her history. I mean, I love Dez. By page 19, I was already taking note on how much she makes me laugh.

About The Author

Nebraska native and entrepreneur, Kori D. Miller loves figuring out what makes people tick. With a bachelor's degree in Psychology and an intense interest in body language analysis, she's created a compelling, strong, and sassy private investigator. Her Deadly Sins Mini-Series gives readers insight into Dezeray Jackson's past, the friendships she's formed and the enemies who want her dead. It's just a matter of time when one of them is bound to catch up with her. HUSH is the first book in the Dezeray Jackson mystery novel series. 

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