How to Create Cool Book Trailers

Yesterday, I posted about Tawe and creating a simple, effective book trailer that’s also affordable. I mentioned that one of my issues with spending $$$$ is that the ROI isn’t easily trackable unless there’s a clickable link. Well, now I’ve found Animoto. Theoretically, if you place the right type of link at the end of your video, you should be able to track the data. You might not want it to be a specific buy link, but instead a landing page with several buy links that are being tracked. (affiliate link) comes to mind.

I’m having so much fun exploring different and affordable ways to create cool book trailers. For this one, I’m using the free trial at Animoto. It’s pretty simple, not as simple as Tawe, but still not too high a learning curve.  I like all of the features this one offers.

You can:

Change the speed of the music (though I couldn’t get any of them to slow down in the trial version.)

Easily add images and video

Reposition images and video

Add/edit text (You get two lines: header and sub-title. You have to play with this a little.)

Choose from several backgrounds

Change the font and color

Get rid of their branding (pro and business editions)

Call to action button

I’m probably leaving a few things out. The pro edition of this is 29.99/mo or 19.99/yr which is the same as for Tawe (affiliate link) but you can do more.  Personally, I see value in using both: Tawe for super fast clips to share on Twitter and FB, for example, and this for something slightly longer. And I’ll probably become an affiliate for Animoto, too. This stuff is too cool not to promote.

On to my next adventure …


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