Learn These Simple Self-Defense Moves

I came across this old video, and I gotta tell ya, it’s as useful today as it was then!

Jiujitsu and Hapkido are timeless. And learning self-defense is simple. You start by becoming more aware of yourself and the spaces you enter. Then you add a few awesomely useful techniques like these.  You don ‘t need to be a martial artist, with years of experience, to defend yourself. You NEED information, resources, and practice (having a partner helps with this last part.)


What are you waiting for? Go practice!

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Note: As with every technique I post, 1) you need to practice with a willing adult participant, 2) I don’t endorse any of the sites or teachers, and 3) you need to be aware of and know the self-defense laws in your state. The purpose of these posts is to provide you with information about techniques I would use in certain situations. If you really want to become an expert in self-defense, then you need to find a dojang or dojo. If you have questions about how to identify a good dojang or dojo, post your questions in the comments.

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