The Hiker - Kori D. Miller


      Mama Jean - Kori D. Miller


      He's Dead, Maybe - Kori D. Miller


      Glass Billiard Hall - Kori D. Miller


Fine Lines Literary Journal

Don’t Clip Your Wings, Blog July 2014 – Inspiration

Glass Billiard Hall, Winter 2013-14 – Fiction

He’s Dead, Maybe,  Summer 2011 – Creative Non-Fiction

Mama Jean,  Autumn 2010 – Fiction

In Defense of Daddy, Spring 2010 – Creative Non-Fiction

The Hiker, Winter 2009 – Creative Non-Fiction

The Poet, Autumn 2009 – Creative Non-Fiction

Out With The Old, Summer 2009 – Creative Non-Fiction

Zebra’s, Half-breeds, & Oreo Cookies, Summer 2007 – Creative Non-Fiction

Flash-Fiction World

Found, June 2013 *1st prize – Fiction

The Community Story Board

Howard and Elizabeth, May 2013 – Fiction

Joy, Pain, and Not Bringing Home Baby, May 2013 – Creative Non-Fiction

Arachnid Avoided, May 2013 – Creative Non-Fiction


The Road Warrior’s Guide to Plugging In , 2012 Cozy Couples Magazine , 2012


BookTrack – Read a sample of DANTE set to music and sound effects. Dante is Kori’s first children’s book. You can read more about her kid lit at Kori Miller Kid Lit.


Here’s something I put together when I started podcasting.

Why live podcasting rocks!