Deadly Sins Published by Back Porch Writer Press

Deadly Sins Cover

Deadly Sins: A Dezeray Jackson Mini-Series is ready! You can take a peak over at Amazon. Writing these four flash fiction mysteries was a blast! I enjoyed it so much that I’m already working on book II!

I’m getting ahead of myself — Read the excerpts. Share it with others. And, if you feel inclined, buy the book for someone you love. Let me know what you think.

Thank you!


p.s. It’s also available from Smashwords, Kobo, Book Tango, and other major retailers.

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Author, essayist, storyteller, and creator of memorable adventures, Kori D. Miller offers this tidbit about her writing career: This writing thing has taken the front seat after years of backseat driving. I’m taking chances with my writing that I never took in my twenties or thirties. And, I fully believe Auntie Mame was right. Life is a banquet and I don’t plan on starving to death.

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