Men Are Like A Box of Chocolates


Men and Chocolates — Oi!

I love decadent, dark chocolate. Every Christmas, my husband and mother scour the shelves of specialty, and non-specialty, stores looking for that perfect piece to share with me. (It’s become a tradition right up there with always receiving a can of Pringles. It’s the only time I eat them!)

A few years back while I sat working on an essay (and probably eating a little chocolate), I got to thinking that dating is a lot like opening a fresh box of chocolates.

First you remove the ribbon — it’s usually red or gold — then you slowly lift the lid. The aroma of chocolate wafts into the air. Your eyes close as you inhale deeply. A satisfied sigh escapes before you set the lid aside.

The boxes usually have a sheet of paper giving you some idea of what’s inside, but they’re not always a perfect match, and the pictures don’t always look like the actual piece of chocolate. I can’t tell you how many times I thought I was getting a dark chocolate caramel, but ended up with coconut. Yuck!

Then what do I do? I nibble on each piece that I know is dark chocolate hoping to find the caramel. In the meantime, I get a few pleasant surprises, and gobble them up, but if they’re like the coconut, well, those get tossed into the garbage can.

So it is with dating.

And that’s what Dez is faced with in HUSH. She’s got two men who both want her attention, but which one is really a coconut covered in dark chocolate?

Check out this book bubble I wrote over on Bublish. When you’re finished reading it, shoot me a message @kmillerwrites. Tell me who you think Dez should choose.


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