Some Gifts Suck




I bet you’ve received a gift that sucked. What did you do with it? Did you re-gift it? Did you donate it to Goodwill?

PI Dezeray Jackson has been receiving gifts, but they aren’t the kind that she can re-gift or donate.

Find out more below…

FYI: The second book in the Dezeray Jackson series is DONE!

NORTH DOWNING picks up where HUSH left off. What really happened to Dez’s sister and mother? Who’s trying to kill Dez?

If being tracked by a trained killer isn’t nerve-racking enough, Dez agrees to help a convicted burglar beat a murder charge.

There’s a lot happening in Dez’s life. Don’t miss it!


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Author, essayist, storyteller, and creator of memorable adventures, Kori D. Miller offers this tidbit about her writing career: This writing thing has taken the front seat after years of backseat driving. I’m taking chances with my writing that I never took in my twenties or thirties. And, I fully believe Auntie Mame was right. Life is a banquet and I don’t plan on starving to death.

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